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The increasing demand of biomass for production of renewable energy in context with the shortage of wood-based biomass leads to the search for alternative regenerative fuels. The agriculture – especially the medium and large sized agribusinesses in East and Southeast countries - offers these alternatives with remarkable potential for future development. Innovative harvesting technologies and logistics furthermore enable cost-effective allocation of biomass from agricultural residues like straw, corn-cobs, short-rotation forest and others like chicken litter.

AGROPOWER is a new company founded by agricultural, technical and commercial experts working in East and Southeast Europe for many years. The focus of the company is based on the production of green energy from agricultural residues by implementation of agro-biomass projects. The company is engaged in planning, project development and participation as shareholders in biomass heating and co-generation plants.

about agropower energy


Investments in agricultural biomass contribute to the reduction of CO2  in context with the climate change, decreases the dependency of imports for fossil fuels, opens up new perspectives for the agricultural sector, makes use of before unused residues like straw, increases the overall efficiency of farming and creates new jobs in rural areas of Danube Region.

about agropower energy


Denmark looks back on over 25 years of positive operational experience in the use of agro-fuels. Up to now there are only very big agro CHPs available (field demand > 35.000ha), which do not suit to the structure of farm sizes.

Therefore AGROPOWER together with a straw boiler manufacturer from Denmark (over 25 years of experience with agro-fuels) developed innovative, high efficient small scaled power plants for different agro fuels.

about agropower energy


Our guideline: “Food is for People – residues for Energy”

The technological concept of AGROPOWER biomass plants is based on using agricultural residues as fuel for energy production and therefore to contribute to the reduction of Co2 emissions. Most important to mention is that, in comparison to biogas technology which is providing mainly corn silage as input materials, agricultural residues are not competing with foodstuffs and animal feed. In general straw and other residues are still unutilised and in many cases burned on the fields.

about agropower energy


  • All target countries import most of its fossil fuels (oil, gas, coal)
  • Increase of price for gas and electricity due to free market regulations in European Union and now also in CEE/SEE
  • Rising heat prices affect social welfare especially in rural areas
  • Use of locally available agro-fuels enable low-priced heat production with the effect of reducing the dependency of fossil fuel imports


about agropower energy



AGROPOWER is offering following project development services in all markets:

  • Securing the location (ownership or lease contracts)
  • Securing supply of agro-biomass (contract model for ~12 years)
  • Securing grid-access (grid-access study and long-term electricity supply contract with energy company)
  • Contracts with heat consumers (own heat use of investor or long-term contracts with municipalities, processing industry or others)
  • Consulting and applying for EU- & National subsidies in case of availability and reasonable chances of approving


about agropower energy


  • Turn-key supply of technology in co-operation with local engineering partners and international machinery and component suppliers
  • One-stop shop for planning, engineering, permitting, supervision of construction site and start-up of production