Project development & Financing

AGROPOWER Full-Service – from the project idea to the turnkey-plant

project development financing agropower energy

On the basis of our long-term experience and references we are able to offer our project development services in all countries. In general our services are divided in the following phases:





Phase 1: Pre-feasibility (basic check-up)

  Preliminary clarification of the legal, technical and commercial feasibility of the project in terms of:
  • Suitability of the location (ownership or lease contracts)
  • Availability of raw-materials/agro-biomass (contracts for ~12 years)
  • Grid-access
  • Contracts with heat consumers and/or reduction of energy costs of investor
  • Eligibility for EU- & National Funding Programs
  • Pre-clarification of Financing

Phase 2: Project study

project development financing agropower energy

Elaboration of a technical-commercial project study including cost estimation for the total investment.
Preparation of all necessary documents and dossiers for applying of EU- and National Funding Programs.
Presentation of the project to commercial banks and international financing institutions and funds.









Phase 3: Planning and engineering

project development financing agropower energy


Development of the project until the status “ready for construction” by obtaining all necessary permits in particular the environmental and construction permit.


Tendering for construction and technical supply contracts if needed.








Phase 4: Turn-key supply of technology

project development financing agropower energy

Turn-key supply of technology in co-operation with local engineering partners and international machinery and component suppliers


Save time and management resources and make use of our ONE-STOP-SHOP for planning, engineering, permitting, supervision of construction site and start-up of production


project development financing agropower energy

We have presented our concept to generate renewable energy from agricultural residues with agro-biomass plants to major commercial banks, leasing companies, energy funds, equity funds and private investors on European and National level. The result of our presentations is good will for financing of AGROPOWER technology.


In this context we have a clear picture of feasible financing structures of potential projects and assist our clients to introduce their project proposal to relevant contact persons of financing institutions.

Energy contracting

project development financing agropower energy

Companies that want to save energy cost without the aim to invest in energy projects may use the services of energy contractors. Energy contracting is a type of financing for energy savings in which the contracting partner invests in the project based on a long-term contract to supply cost-efficient energy, in particular thermal power or peak load power. This business practise enables the energy consumer to obtain cost-reduced energy without financial risk and involvement of own resources.


AGROPOWER is in contact with several energy contractors and may intermediate the appropriate contracting partner for your energy cost saving project.